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Hip Lookin' & Cool Carryin'

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Since established, Cheer Sky has been producing goods for other brand names and having solid manufacturing experiences. But the fierce competition in the original equipment manufacturing has forced the company to adopt new business strategies.

In 2007, Cheer Sky has finally decided modifying the decades-old trend of being reactive to produce goods just for others. With the establishment of the company own label, Cheer Sky became more proactive in designing and introducing new and innovative ideas to our valuable customers.

While the outlook for the label development is promising, Cheer Sky understood that there are already other manufacturers' labels available in mature markets. To stand out from others, customized tactics are needed. Therefore, we are focusing very much on some innovative ideas to stand out from other competitors.

In 2014, we have introduced a new scheme to cross the boundary of minimum quantity per order. Under this scheme, there are no restriction of quantity and our valualbe customers could also select their desired colors and decoration methods etc. For more details, kindly check the "Introduction" page.